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Lesson Three: Experience we Evovle
1000 needles
aikidaknight wrote in pleiadianchakra
We provide happiness to our own lives. Life provides karma and dharma. Karma helps us evolve through experiences, learning and relationships amongest others. Dharma is the cosmic laws were bound to follow. It is natural for us to forget God, but there are many helpful ways for us to avoid distraction. One of the practical ways is to mention God's name in day to day conversation, in the morning, at lunch, in stressful situations, to greet someone, to send someone to a farewell, before sleep, or anytime you find necessary, keeping God in your mouth, mind and body will help channel God into your day to day life. The second method is through your chakras, as your chakras awaken allow God to merge into your energies, giving you peace everytime they awaken. Lastly just remember to be patient.


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