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Lesson Two: Spiritual Retreat
Heart You
aikidaknight wrote in pleiadianchakra
The idea of giving up all your worldly matters to retreat into a world of spiritual growth, is not a modern world concept, things of this world are still required of you to entertain yourself with, but that does not mean you cannot grow spiritually, you must find the time in your life to do so, or take spiritual retreats. The goal in mind is to catch a glance at God every chance of spiritual retreats or daily meditations, so that can be incorporated into daily life. This will help mature the soul.

In your faith, there is two ways to live out your spiritual growth, the active and the passive way. The active way is through yoga or meditation. The passive way being through studying or worship. Most people only practice one way, but to find the peace in practicing both ways will enlighten the soul and bring much more peace and ease into your soul.

If you want to learn God you need to forget yourself a little.


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