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Lesson One: Awakening Comes Slowly
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aikidaknight wrote in pleiadianchakra
Lesson One: Awakening Comes Slowly

I am reading the lessons of Siva Yogaswami, and his first is probably the most difficult, but also if you look at what it is suppose to represent then you understand the word " awake ". Siva says that " Liberation is within you " Take the context of those words and it is true, if you want your own happiness, your own freedom, your own truth and your own peace, you have to find that yourself, because you cannot expect someone to find that for you, considering it is a personal dersire. Siva exclaims that " God is in everything, see god in everything. God is in you, to acknowledge God is in you, your mind and body must be strong and pure."

There are two kinds of people, people who see life as a whole and people who see life as a part. Most people see life as a part, and not as a whole. People who see life as a part avoid the painful areas of life and only attract happiness., as people who see life as a whole understand that you have to suffer to experience and truely value the good in life. Everything is balanced, for you to know what is good you must know what is bad. You do not have to see your life as a whole to be happy, just seeing your life as a whole is more rewarding and much enriching.

God has no name, but of the names God has it is God. God has 1,008 names, whether it be God, Savior, Lord, Buddha, or Tao, the image of God is percieved to each person as a different deity. This goes back to seeing God within you, your God is portrayed to your beliefs, giving his name different meanings.

The only advice coming from this is find the inner truth within yourself. Meditate and reach your inner core and eventually slowly the awakening will come.

* God - This not not refer to God like from the holy bible, this is more the word to explain your faith.  (side note: I am taoist, so even with it saying God, I acknowledge that God = Tao )


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